New Hampshire Vermont Border

Drink a beer in 2 states at once!

nh vt floor

Oddly enough, the USGS state line seperating Vermont and New Hampshire actually runs through a portion of our restaurant.  Read more about it below:

How’d That Happen?

In 1903, the original wooden bridge at this crossing was replaced by a toll-free iron bridge at a cost of $43,434.68.

Liscom’s bridge was replaced in 1920 by a 330-foot-long Pennsylvania truss, designed by John Storrs and built by the American Bridge Company.

To support this new structure, new footings were poured and set deep into the river bed. This new foundation structure was built in the waterway, extending the “land” on the Vermont side of the river by about 5 feet. However the USGS lines and monuments (markers) had long been established.

Years later when various buildings were constructed, including the gas tank that gave our building its unique shape, the footings were used as the base of the foundation and an unofficially “interstate” building was born.

Of course, legally New Hampshire and Vermont use the Connecticut River as the dividing line between states, with the water belonging to New Hampshire. So other than conversation value, there’s no legal standing of the property in 2 states (so yes, we still collect VT taxes on either side of the line)

But we’re the only place that we know where you can do a 2 state “beer tour” under one roof!

36 Bridge St | Brattleboro, VT 05301