Upgrade your included fries to a cup of chili, onion rings, sweet tots, today’s vegetable or a side salad for just 2.99

Whetstone Wings


Buffalo | Carolina BBQ | Sweet Thai Firecracker | Original BBQ | Station Style | Peach Bourbon BBQ. Served with blue cheese and carrots TRY THEM WITH OUR I’M DOWN BROWN ALE

Bratts Pierogis
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Pierogies 8.99



Fried potato & cheese dumplings tossed in cheese and chives. Served with house made maple bacon chive sour cream for dipping. TRY THEM WITH OUR MUG LIFE AMBER ALE

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BBQ Mac and Cheese 11.99

BBQ Mac and Cheese


Award winning Mac and Cheese, topped with our Carolina BBQ and finished in the oven. We only make one big batch a day…. so while supplies last! TRY IT WITH OUR WHETSTONER SESSION IPA

Grilled Sirloin Tips


Our famous grilled sirloin tips, marinated overnight in our chef’s secret combination of spices. TRY THEM WITH OUR I’M DOWN BROWN ALE

  • Specialty
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Dos Tacos 12.99

Dos Tacos


Mojito shredded chicken, smoky portobello mushrooms, or one of each. With shredded cabbage, pico de gallo and a chili lime crème fraiche on flour tortillas. Chips and salsa on the side. TRY THEM WITH OUR WHETSTONER SESSION IPA

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Firecracker Tenders 9.99

Firecracker Tenders


Crispy gluten free chicken tenders in our delicious, sweet Thai firecracker sauce. TRY THEM WITH OUR BIG ‘STONER DOUBLE IPA

Pretzel Grilled Cheese


A pretzel made with grain from our brewery by the Bread Shed Bakery, filled with a blend of cheeses, toasted and served over a bowl of our vegan heirloom tomato soup.

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Irish Nachos 9.99

Irish Nachos


Pub chips smothered in queso and topped with fresh pico, jalapeños and our slow cooked mojo chicken. PAIR THESE WITH OUR WHETSTONER IPA

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