Meet the Team

We’re proud to employ more than 80 great team members from around the Brattleboro area. Here are a few of the team leaders and managers at Whetstone and a bit about each of them.

Employee Spotlight

Britta Swedin

Britta has been an absolute star player at Whetstone since she started in September. She’s always rocking a smile and a great attitude when she’s working as a busser or at the host stand. In addition to working at the restaurant, she also trains at the New England Center for Circus Arts right here in Brattleboro. On behalf of all of the management staff, we are extremely pleased with Britta’s work and contribution to Whetstone and would love to have 5 or 6 more of her if we could!

Join us in celebrating Britta as our Employee Spotlight!

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The Rock Stars

You’ve probably bumped into these three around the Whetstone – they’re always running around and saying hi… But behind their even keeled socializing, they’re the rockstars that keep things running smoothly on even the craziest of days.

David Hiler | Co-Founder

David comes from a background of hospitality, having run the local Three Mountain Inn with his family over 20 years ago. Since then he’s travelled the world consulting with Inns and Hotels, including working with Gordon Ramsey on a national TV series.

Back in 2006 David decided to stop traveling so much and settle down in his home town, Brattleboro. That’s when he connected with Tim and Amy (who he knew from his work in the hospitality world) and they decided to create the Whetstone.

While you’ll often see David bouncing around the Whetstone, you might also catch him out for a run – he recently even finished the Boston Marathon!

Fun fact – David is an excellent musician and was a founding member of the local band Terrapin Island, which tore up the Brattleboro scene in the 2000’s.

Luke Jordan | General Manager

Luke spent the first 3 decades of his life living in New England. At the age of 29 he gave up the beautiful North for the sun and palm trees of South Florida. After trying his hand as a beach bum for a short time running a Jet Ski operation he returned to his passion in the bar and restaurant business. Now almost a decade later he has decided to return to his roots and return to New England.

If you see Luke roaming around the Whetstone, be sure to ask him about the freshest rotating draft and can menu around. He will be happy to point anyone with any pallet in the right direction.

Luke was recently married and spent a good portion of the Honeymoon touring restaurants and breweries. By all accounts he is still married.

Melanie Young | Restaurant Manager

Melanie grew up here in Southern New England since 1980. Spent her time playing in the Green mountains in Highschool and during her time in College.  She studied Business Management and took a break to Ski instruct in the Mid 90’s in Stowe, VT.  She left NE for the Pacific Coast in 2000, Explored Seattle, several parts of California and the Midwest, before returning home in late 2011 to be closer to her parents.

Melanie has 23 years of Hospitality, Retail and Corporate Restaurant management experience. She has a passion for developing great talent and has been a floating regional training manager, opening new restaurants, training, onboarding and supporting staff in their perspective locations.

Gerard Bueno | Restaurant Floor Manager

Gerard was born and raised in Greenfield MA. He enjoyed growing up in western Massachusetts, and often found himself crossing the Vermont border to ski, hike and partake in other outdoor activities.

Gerard attended college in Boston and spent a decade in the city after graduation. He held a 9-5 office job but was always working as a server on nights and weekends at various bars and restaurants. It became clear to Gerard that he had more passion for the hospitality industry than his boring office job. In 2013, he left the 9-5 world and became a restaurant manager for a popular Italian chain.

Recently, Gerard has moved back to the Greenfield area. His passion for food, beer, and hospitality has only grown over the years. He is very excited to be part of the Whetstone team. You will continue to see him cross the border, not only to Whetstone, but to ski, hike and enjoy the great outdoors!


Behind the Beer

We somehow manage to produce over 450 barrels (900 kegs) of our own beer each year from that tiny little brewery you’ve seen. That crazy feat is only possible because of this crew…

Connor Busch | Head Brewer

The only thing Connor loves more than brewing is the Pittsburgh Penguins. With more than 15 years of experience brewing up creative craft beers, Connor is a man of few words but exceptional talent.

When he’s not mashing in, or mashing out Connor can typically be found watching and playing ice hockey. A Brattleboro native, Connor can’t properly start his day without his bagel and coffee from Mocha Joes.

He may or may not, also be one of the guys behind the secret, magical bubble displays on Main Street during gallery walk…


Tim Brady | Co-Founder / Brewer

While Tim was the driving force in the creation of the Whetstone brewery, you’ll rarely see him in there today – thanks to the two amazing brewers that have taken his place.

Today Tim’s focus is on the growth and expansion of Whetstone and it’s sister companies.

He loves to travel and has the privilege to do so in his role as a Board Member for the Brewers Association, speaker and instructor for the BA and as an instructor for the University of Vermont Business of Craft Beer program.

Tim occasionally shares his travel adventures on social media @hereforthebeer.

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Behind the Food

Have you ever had a barbecue where you made almost 600 hamburgers? Well this crew laughs at that and asks what you want for dessert. These leaders keep the kitchen running at its best and it’s team running like a well-oiled poutine makin’ machine…

Nikki Peruzzi | Executive Chef / Director of Food and Beverage

Nikki comes from a culinary background that started just outside of Saratoga, NY. At the age of 16 she would drive 45 minutes one way (probably up hill) to her dishwashing gig just because she loved their chicken parmesan. She put herself through culinary school at Schenectady County Culinary program by bartending nights. Her first Executive Chef position was right here in Southern Vermont, 13 years ago and she has been tearing it up for us at the Whetstone for more than 4 years now, where she is the creative force behind not just our everyday menu, but each of our amazing Tapthat Beer Dinners.

When not following her passion for food, Nikki can be found hiking with her family and 2 dogs Tuna and Brisket (lovingly called surf and turf) or coaching her Junior Iron Chef team. Occasionally you can even catch her alter ego spinning some tunes as DJ Zee.

When she’s not running around the kitchen here, you might just find her on her motorcycle hunting down the worlds best Gyros.


Robert Ruff | Kitchen Manager

Born and raised in Boston, Bob came to Vermont six years ago with his wife, Sydney. Cooking was a childhood hobby that evolved into his first job in a restaurant, washing dishes at a beachfront clam shack.

Bob started with Whetstone in 2014 and quickly became one of the go-to crew in the kitchen. Bob’s real undiscovered talents are his MacGayver-like skills. Educated as an engineer and with a passion for vintage tech and old machines, Bob is always ready to help get things up and running with a roll of aluminum foil and a paperclip.

When he’s not running the ship at Whetstone, you might find Bob out skiing, snowshoeing, hiking or playing some tennis.


Behind the Scenes

You probably haven’t seen them, but they play a huge role in the Whetstone.

Marilyn Distelberg | Money Warden

Marilyn keeps everyone here in check and the numbers in balance. Not an easy task when you’re a growing company with a lot of unique facets. But everything from payroll to accounts receivable gets managed so well that the Whetstone books were once cited as an example to others by a large bank. That’s no surprise to us, as Marilyn is one serious, sweet-potato-fry powered, adding machine.

When she’s not crunching the numbers on one of Tim’s new projects, she and her husband enjoy getting away to someplace warm.

Eric | Mr. Fix It

Whetstone would probably make a great testing ground for “commercial” rated products. Because if it can be broken, this place will find a way to break it. Eric manages maintenance for all of Whetstone’s properties and projects and that’s certainly no small task.

Kind of like Beetlejuice, he seems to just show up in perfect time after hearing his name repeated 3 times.

Amy Brady | Co-Founder / Pub Princess

Amy left a successful career in longterm care administration to take control of her destiny, opening a small B&B in Brattleboro, VT with her husband Tim. One of Amy’s favorite passions is craft beer, so it only seemed natural to join Tim and David in the endeavor to open Whetstone. At work she’s the one behind the manuals and procedures… But her other passions include traveling this great country. She enjoys playing “Fun with Statues” and is a rollercoaster junkie.

Her 5 favorite cities are Melbourne Australia, Lisbon Portaguel, Maui Hawaii, Missoula, MT and Brattleboro, VT. Top 5 rollercoasters….Cheeta Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa, Manta at Sea World Orlando, D2 at Magic Mountain California, Griffon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and Superman at Six Flags New England. Her spirit animal is the lion. They sleep 20 hours a day. If you see her at Whetstone ask about her 110lb puppy Thor, she loves to talk about her baby; although you are more likely to see her these days at Kampfires Campground, Inn and Entertainment in Dummerston, one of Whetstone’s other businesses.

Derek Hall | Digital Marketing Coordinator

A Massachusetts native now residing in New Hampshire and working in Vermont, Derek loves being a New Englander through and through. After recently graduating from Keene State College with a degree in Communication and Music, he quickly landed in Brattleboro and is loving every second of it.

As a homebrewer himself, Derek found a love for beer (also thanks to his wife for introducing him to the world of craft beer) and is proud to be a part of the Whetstone Team. He is in charge of all things social media, photography, some event planning, working with the brewers and filling crowlers, and other neat side projects that keep him busy.

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Lily Gallagher | Events Coordinator

Once one of our best servers, Lily has moved on up to the role of Event Coordinator for all of the Whetstone companies. Looking to hold a small event like a baby shower or a huge event like the Bacon Fest? Lily can help put you in the perfect spot and supply you with all of the Whetstone food and drinks you need.


The Loyalists

While we love our entire team, these loyal crew members are truly like family. They’ve been part of our team long enough that we can barely remember the Whetstone without them.

Nancy Wheeler Sage | Bartender
Leah Caruso | Bartender
Hope Ferzoco | Bartender

Cory Yorgenson | Server / Trainer
Drew Kacik | Bier Garten Manager
Arianna Parris | Host / Busser / Sign Artist

Jared Kennison | Expo / Pookie

36 Bridge St | Brattleboro, VT 05301