Carolina Pulled Pork


Tangy smoked BBQ, smothered in coleslaw on our signature Challah bun.

Chicken Sandman


Grilled chicken topped with VT cheddar, fried pickles and chipotle ranch aioli on our signature pretzel bun.

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Build Your Own 14.99

Build Your Own


Burger, Chicken or Cajun Chicken, served on your choice of our signature challah bun or pretzel bun, with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and your choice of side including our Station Fries. Then add any of the burger boosting toppings below:

Cheeses: Vermont Cheddar | American Cheese | Swiss Cheese | Blue Cheese… Your choice .89 each

Sauces: Wing Sauce | Smoked Ketchup | Chipotle Aioli | Black Pepper Aioli | ‘Stoner Sauce | BBQ | Firecracker… Your choice .89 each

Toppings: Maple Smoked Bacon | Sautéed Shrooms | Caramelized Onions | Pico de Gallo | Coleslaw | Cucumbers Sauerkraut | Smoky Portobello Mushrooms | Pickled Jalapenos | Fried Pickles | Avocado Smash… Your choice .89 each

Grilled Sirloin Tips


Our famous grilled sirloin tips, marinated overnight in our chef’s secret combination of spices. TRY THEM WITH OUR I’M DOWN BROWN ALE

  • Specialty

Station Fries

4.99, 6.99

Our signature, hand-cut and fried, potatoes, tossed with chive oil and fresh shredded Parmesan cheese.

  • Specialty
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Pub Chips 4.99

Pub Chips


Thick cut, crispy pub chips, with our addictive Whetstoner Sauce.

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Dos Tacos 13.99

Dos Tacos


Peri-peri shrimp, steak, or smoky portobello mushroom, shredded cabbage & pico de gallo on tortillas w/chips. TRY THEM WITH OUR WHETSTONER SESSION IPA

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