Brattleboro Vermont Restaurant and Experimental Nano-Brewery

Our very own in-house experimental nano-brewery produces just 3.5BBL (about 6 kegs) of beer centric goodness at a time.  We only tap up to three of our own beers at a time and shake up the variety and styles regularly.

We are an experimental brewery – each brew is extremely unique and incorporates something that is non-traditional. We publish all of our process and recipes on our website and never brew the same beer twice.

We’re not looking to be the next household name, we’re interested in figuring out more about the magic that happens in the brewing process, making some delicious beers along the way. Believe it or not, there’s still a world of unknowns in brewing science. With a microbiologist on hand and a combined 30 years of brewing experience, we take pride in “brewing differently”. We hope that you’ll enjoy our creations and appreciate the varietly and complexity of the experimental batches we produce.

Brewery at night

House Brewed Beer on Tap

We currently serve up 3 of our experimental craft beer creations at a time. Click on a beer for all of the geeky details, including recipe and process notes.

4.95 Batch #36 – Glutenous Maximus

We used all of the gluten they saved from all these gluten free beers we've got (OK not really) and made a glorious, big, hoppy and delicious spring ale. Loaded with wheat and Cascade and Willamette hops, this unfiltered beer drinks easy, is glutenous and at 9% ABV is certainly maximus too.

4.95 Batch #37 – Saison of Change

It's finally warming up outside and we're celebrating with this delicious, spicy and flavorful Saison. In true Belgian style this was fermented warm with legit Belgian Saison yeast and a solidly complex malt bill. Apples, pears, spice and a touch of caramel flavors abound in this unique and of course, unfiltered offering.

4.95 Batch #38 – Hopstand

Brewed with a unique twist, a 16 hour "hopstand", where 6 pounds of Cascade and Citra hops were added and allowed to steep with the wort for 16 hours after boiling. Then we dry hopped with an additional pound of each for a fresh aroma to compliment the lingering bitterness.

House Brewed Beer of the Past

These are beers we've made before that are no longer available at the pub. But fear not! Click on the name for all of the geeky details, including recipe and process notes.

SMaSH Pilot Batch #1

A Single Malt (2 Row Pale from Valley Malt) and a Single Hop (Zythos) together as our very first SMaSH brew. We get to test and tweak our new brewhouse and you get to drink the results! Unfiltered. Unpasteurized. Served straight from the fermenter.


This summer ale combines all the local we could squeeze, into one delicious summer beer. Organic malt from our friends at Valley Malt in Hadley, New York grown hops, Vermont spring water and of course a good serving of love from us right here in the brewery. Unfiltered, Unpasturized and served straight from the fermenter.

Hoppy Day IPA

Our first IPA. Cause, you know... Everyone's got to have an IPA. We combined 4 hops, Summit, Crystal, Cascade and Magnum in this pretty hoppy (68 IBU) but well balanced and easy drinkin' brew.

haulin oats

Haulin’ Oats

We kicked our last beers so fast that we were caught out of ingredients. Say it ain't so! That meant we'd be out of beer for a week and I can't go for that. So, luckily, Andrea from Valley Malt was able to hook us up with some local stuff - including a whole load of oats. Tim hauled 'em back to the brewhouse and Haulin' Oats was born. This Oat Pale Ale is a Maneater, hoppy, malty and unique with a full bodied mouthfeel. Unfiltered, unpasturized and served on NITRO.


First In Last Out Pale Ale

Typically beer has hops added throughout the boil (yep, "triple hopping" is normal). Here only a touch of hops were added up front and the rest after the boil. Note the clean finish and malt character. Unfiltered, unpasteurized and served straight from the fermenter.

And Away We Gose

Our play on a very traditional German style. A light and fresh brew with a touch of salt and coriander.

Ich bin ein Belginer

A light and tasty German style ale (Berliner Weiss) BUT we brewed it with a Begian yeast, giving it a distinctively Belgian flare. A tad spicy, estery and sweet but light and delicious. As always, unpasteurized, unfiltered and served straight from the fermenter.

They Called Her Amber

She came off a little bitter, but she was actually really sweet. This lightly hopped amber ale with Belgian yeast is hoppy up front but filled with carmel and roasted flavors, plus the traditional clove and fruit essence of Belgian yeast. As always, unpasteurized, unfiltered and served straight from the fermenter to your face.

Sweet. A Stout.

As the weather gets a bit colder, it's time for something roasty and delicious. A dark, roasty, sweet and creamy stout. Sweet up front with a very dry finish. Served on Nitro tap for an extra dose of creaminess. Unfiltered, unpasteurized and served straight from the fermenter to your face.

Rye Would You Do This To Us?

You asked for something bitter. You thought we were afraid of the hops. We ain't afraid of nothin'. Try this rye IPA with 7 grains and 5 types of hops. Soooo hoppy. Soooo bitter. Hopheads will delight and others will ask "Rye would you do this to us".

Hersbrucker-n sie deutsch

A German Style Single Hop Ale, light, grassy and delicious single hopped with Hersbrucker hops. From the German family of “noble hops” they are known for being low in bitterness and high in aroma. We pushed that even further by dry hopping with a full two pounds of Hersbrucker. Unfiltered and Unpasteurized.

Danger Zone

We're shovin' into overdrive with our first "Big" beer. Over 9% ABV but you won't believe it from the taste. Well balanced with clean bittering hops and yet it goes down real easy. Maybe too easy. Served in a 10oz pour for your safety. You're about to enter, the danger zone.

Gettin’ Dark Early

Black IPA. Our take on a style that was born right here in Vermont, at the Vermont Pub and Brewery. Dark and malty with roasted and caramel flavors but with a forward clean bitterness.


The producers of the beer "Stella Artois" actually forced the change of the name of this hop from "Stella" to "Ella". So we're pretty certain they'd frown upon our calling the beer just "Stellllaaaaaa" so we're going with "Elllaaaaaa" a light and earthy single hopped (Ella hops) pale ale.

Lone Star

There's only one man who would dare give me the raspberry... Lone Star. This dark and roasty porter is highlighted with a touch of raspberry for a delicious winter treat. Like a glass of chocolate raspberry truffle... mmmmm.

C Squared IPA – Pilot Batch 1

Citra and Chinook, two of our favorite citrusy hops, combine in this deliciously bright and bitter IPA. Bursts of grapefruit and orange with a solid backbone of good old fashioned up front bitter.


A Golden Strong Ale brewed with Frankincense and Myrrh, available December 26th. Combines the sweet golden hue of a golden strong, or Belgian triple, with the woody and spicy notes of Frankincense and Myrrh.

Shortest Day IPA

This beautiful mix of sunshiny hops will help chase away the darkness of the Winter Solstice, i.e. the shortest day of the year. A bright, citrus, grapefruit y delicious IPA with a pleasant bitter balanced with an almost fruity sweetness. A great way to close your eyes and pretend it's still light out.

Pacific Gem Pale Ale

A refreshing pale ale with a focus on the hop called Pacific Gem, an Australia / New Zealand grown hop, which was complimented with a few other hop varietals in the whirlpool only. We then dry hopped this bad boy with even more Pacific Gem to really put that shrimp on the barbie. Or add aroma, either way...