Brattleboro Vermont Restaurant and Experimental Nano-Brewery

The Brattleboro Brew-Fest returns on June 21st 2014!

Details coming soon!

Whetstone Station Co-Owners Amy and Tim Brady (of Forty Putney Road B&B) were proud to be a part of creating the first Brattleboro Brew Fest in 2010, bringing together some of their favorite beers and brewers from around the country.  In the following years, the festival was taken over by the North End Business Association.  Recently a joint effort of WTSA radio, the Brattleboro Food Co-Op and Whetstone Station have come together to put the event back on in 2014.

Of course, now that Amy and Tim (along with their business partner David) have opened the newest brewery in Brattleboro, they look forward to showcasing their new beers at the 2014 festival, and everyday at the beautiful Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery.  We even have this sweet tent setup now…

SIPtemberfest tent